Thursday November 27, 2014

More day care requirements discussed


Carlyle Town Council meeting was held. Sept 5. The news from that meeting is as follows. The town plans on doubling up the hanging planters on Main Street next year. The only concern with this is the planters are already very difficult to water. The watering crew must bring a ladder to each pot, as the pots have small reservoirs inside of them that need to be filled. They will look into a new way to connect the reservoir to something that can be filled from the ground. The planters have also been causing weeds to grow on the ground beneath them. The council thought this should be cleared up before Homespun, as it would cause a negative impression of the town.
The town will be presenting a gift card to an employee whose windshield was cracked when using his own vehicle for work. The employee had been driving to Regina for town business but no town vehicles were available that day.
The biggest event at the meeting was a visit from Early Childhood Consultant Judy Valentine to discuss the day care details. She wanted to make sure the town knew there was slightly over 100,000 dollars for a building or renovations. Although that wouldn’t cover a building in Carlyle, it will definitely help. A day care requires seven square meters care space per child; therefore a day care with 33 spaces requires quite a large building. The day care must also have several windows, as natural lighting is a large requirement. A large amount of green space must also be present, narrowing it down to a limited choice of areas in Carlyle. The town is still looking into making this an affordable worthwhile project. Although the day care spots would be pricey, the council took note that parents are willing to spend several hundred dollars on sports and extracurricular activities, therefore it just depends where a person’s priorities are.
The highway plan is reported to be on schedule.
The council has discussed putting cement posts in front of the new Carlyle sign when it returns. They feel the sign is in a nice spot and moving it would make it less noticeable.
The council is going to speak to the skating rink about the condition of their bleachers. An evaluation of what needs to be done to fix them and make them safer will begin. They have discussed using plywood to fix them, but have decided it needs further discussion.
The town will be trying out a painted turning and straight lane and left lane. The council decided it was worth a try as it would only cost them paint and a small amount of time. This is due to the congestion the turn to Railway Avenue is causing.
Insurance was a heavy topic at the meeting as town events were discussed. The council has decided they require legal advice, as the insurance would not cover events deemed illegal. Boogiefest was a huge discussion as it is a beloved event to everyone in the area, yet involved many liability risks. The town is going to look into what is insurable and what isn’t.
The town has decided that they will be sprucing up the west hill by adding crushed rock with the letter C created out of white rock. They are discussing whether they should light it at night time or not.
The fire department was concerned about the new hotels not having sprinkler systems in each room. They want to invest in a longer ladder for the multi level buildings but are afraid it will weigh too much without a ladder truck.
The town would like to advise newcomers that dog licenses are available at the office for 15 dollars. This license is good for the entire lifetime of the dog, and will help in finding your dog if it is lost.
The mayor will be granted signing authority for the community foundation.
Contractors for sewer line replacement must now be town approved.
A survey conducted by BioForest Technologies Inc, found one tree positive for Dutch Elm Disease.
RFNow will require the permission of landowners and the railway to install their new cables.
The council all agreed the water analysis report was looking good and it will be assessed every two years.



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