Saturday August 30, 2014


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Maybe you can have too much gear

Welcome to Week CXIX of 'Fishing Parkland Shorelines'. Like most of us I am a novice fisherman, loving to fish, but far from an expert. In the following weeks I'll attempt to give those anglers who love to fish but just don't have access to a boat,...


Ice Bucket Challenge genius fundraiser

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a stroke of genius for raising money. It’s fun, interactive, ...

How best to wile away leisure hours

View from the Cheap Seats is kind of an extension of the newsroom. Whenever our three regular...

Bulb care needed

Just a brief reminder: the gardener’s market on the corner of Gladstone and Independent St....

What’s a burned-out pastor to do?

My radio-producer friend, Ray, emailed this week.

Playing cards used for dog fights

An easy “Carry” card game with a fun steampunk theme, that has to catch your gaming eye.

Leaders must put people before politics

When we elect people to office, we give them power to make and enact decisions on our behalf. They...

Ottawa’s bloated $263 million

Reading while the fishing is slow

Facebook permission list worries

Ignoring some complaints a good thing

Will the Riders repeat championship?

Keep feeding your soil

A mistake is an opportunity to learn

Government spin crew a large one

More research is needed

Big 'ole carp ends August blahs

Evolution has much to teach us

Drinking driver numbers raise concern

Pondering ideal summer destinations

Register your fruit

Majestic birds catch fishing eye

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