Tuesday July 22, 2014


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Bike path advocates say they put mysterious white flags atop New York's Brooklyn Bridge

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Bike path advocates have taken responsibility for the appearance of two mysterious white flags on the Brooklyn Bridge....

posted: July 22,2014


Puke and pay: Calgary taxi passengers face cleanup fee for throwing up in cabs

CALGARY - Throwing up in a Calgary cab will cost passengers $100....

Central Florida couple to bring home cat that went berserk, prompted 911 call

DELAND, Fla. - A cat is heading back home after spending time in quarantine following an attack on its central Florida owners that prompted a 911 call....

Pilot's bad aim puts pingpong balls worth prizes on Idaho interstate instead of festival

BLACKFOOT, Idaho - A pilot who dropped 3,000 pingpong balls that were redeemable for prizes missed a crowd assembled for the stunt and instead hit a nearby interstate....

New Mexico driver finds slithering surprise after man pops hood of her stalled pickup truck

SANTA FE, N.M. - When a woman's pickup stalled on a street in Santa Fe, New Mexico, local chef Jackson Ault stopped to lend a hand....

Pig threatens 2 children walking along a wooded path between schools in Maine

OAKLAND, Maine - Police in the Maine town of Oakland are looking for a pig that threatened two children walking through the woods....

Frontier Airlines pilot orders pizzas for passengers after storms ground US flight

CHEYENNE, Wyo. - Faced with potentially hungry and grumpy passengers, a Frontier Airlines pilot treated them to pizza when storms diverted a Denver-bound flight to Cheyenne, Wyoming, where the plane was stuck for a couple of hours....

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