Tuesday November 25, 2014

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New information surfaces about harassment allegations against Liberal MPs

OTTAWA - New information has emerged about the explosive allegations of misconduct made by two female New Democrat MPs that prompted Justin Trudeau to suspend two sitting members of Parliament from the Liberal caucus....

posted: November 25,2014

National News

Sex offenders convicted abroad may be missing from national registry: auditor

OTTAWA - The national sex offender registry may not include some Canadians convicted of crimes abroad because the RCMP doesn't have access to Foreign Affairs information on convicts released from prisons in other countries....

Auditor questions whether soldiers get all of their entitled moving benefits

OTTAWA - The RCMP gets a passing grade from the auditor general for the way it handles its multimillion-dollar relocation program, but National Defence is once again facing tough questions about how it moves members around the country....

Auditor cites problems in Syria projects, military water purification

OTTAWA - Funding delays of more than a year plagued two major Canada humanitarian assistance projects in Syria, while the military's water purification system didn't measure up during last year's typhoon in the Philippines....

5 survivors of air crash in N.W.T. say thanks to rescuers, first responders

FORT SIMPSON, N.W.T. - Five people who survived a plane crash in the Northwest Territories have made their first public statements....

Pressure on Tories to apologize after Sun retracts story on Liberal candidate

OTTAWA - Conservative MPs are refusing to apologize for pillorying a Liberal candidate, even though the news story on which their criticism was based has been retracted....

Local fire chief grilled at coroner's inquest into tragedy at seniors' home

RIVIERE-DU-LOUP, Que. - The fire chief in the Quebec town of L'Isle-Verte has defended his decisions and his team's work in fighting a blaze at a seniors' home last January that killed 32 people....

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