Wednesday August 20, 2014


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Big 'ole carp ends August blahs

Welcome to Week CXVII of 'Fishing Parkland Shorelines'. Like most of us I am a novice fisherman, loving to fish, but far from an expert. In the following weeks I'll attempt to give those anglers who love to fish but just don't have access to a boat, ...


Evolution has much to teach us

Scientists at Yale University published a fascinating study last week in Proceedings of the...

What is it going to take to stop drunk driving?

Last month in Saskatchewan, 515 people were charged with drinking and driving offences....

Drinking driver numbers raise concern

I have an urge to comment more than I will on this matter, but the news story that became public...

Pondering ideal summer destinations

View from the Cheap Seats is kind of an extension of the newsroom. Whenever our three regular...

Register your fruit

I hope you were able to join us earlier this week at the Yorkton and District Horticultural Society ...

Let’s talk about our messes and our blessings

10:21 p.m. I sit in the very yellow space that serves as my office. My book collection lines one...

Majestic birds catch fishing eye

Justice pendulum has swung too far

Anti-vax spawns anti-vitamin K

New gun law looks good

Pondering the sixth man

Using water wisely

Thoughts on famous fisherfolk

Missing Murdoch Mysteries already

Rumours of free WiFi exaggerated

Not satisfied with fine and help

‘One small step’ remembered

Congratulations to all


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