Enter the Wood Dragon Books publishing competition

Wood Dragon Books – an indie hybrid publisher based in Mossbank, is launching a publishing competition for young authors.

Three titles will be chosen from the competition entries and published.  

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The deadline for the Wood Dragon Books Young Author Competition is December 31, 2020.

For those who live in the area covered by the Palliser Regional Library system, have a library card, are 15-18 years of age and attend Grades 8-12, they can enter the competition and see their books come to life.

The Palliser Regional Library is the geographical area where the competition is focused. All contestants must live within the Palliser Regional system in southern Saskatchewan.

To find out more about the competition, click the Working With Us tab at Wood Dragon Books.com.

Retired English teachers (or English teachers outside of the geographic area of the competition) are welcomed to join the review committee. For more information, email Jeanne Martinson, Publisher, Wood Dragon Books at woodragonbooks@gmail.com. English teachers inside the competition area are asked to encourage their students to enter.

With the exception of poetry and horror, all genres are acceptable, such as sci-fi, fantasy and romance, but each entry must be a fictional effort.

The minimum and maximum word counts for the final manuscript is 40,000-60,000 words.     

Each submission must include an application form (including signatures of students and guardians). Also, a book outline (maximum two pages) and the backstory of one major character (maximum one page) is required with each application. 

A plot outline has the following components: the characters, the book’s setting, the events, the conflict and the resolution – these are essential elements to keep the story moving and allows the action to develop in a logical way for readers to follow. 

A character background/backstory details significant events and life experiences the character undergoes, before the character appears in the actual story. The backstory includes the character’s motivation, (what they love, need and what they are willing to do to keep it), their fears, physical characteristics, how they dress and so on.     

Submissions can be sent by mail to Wood Dragon Books, Box 429, Mossbank SK SOH 3GO (postmarked no later than December 31). Applications can also be sent by email, along with the application form with signatures and saved as a PDF with the content document saved in Word to woodragonbooks@gmail.com or watertiger@sasktel.net.   

Submissions will receive confirmation emails.

Three winning manuscripts will be published in the following categories: First (Gold), Second (Silver), Third (Bronze).

The first prize book will be published in print, eBook and audio formats. The second prize book will be published in print and in eBook formats. The third prize book will be published as an eBook.

There are no fees or costs for students to be part of this competition. As well, the author will receive a portion of profits from all sales and will have the opportunity to purchase the book in print from the publisher at cost for their own use.

The team at WDB will review applications and provide feedback and questions for all applicants before they send in their mandatory second submission (second submission deadline is February 10, 2021).  

The second submission will address all questions and comments regarding the plot and backstory. A second backstory is also required with the mandatory second submission in February 2021.

The WBD team will review the second submissions and then create a shortlist of authors who will go forward to the final submission round. (Students will be notified if they are on the shortlist by March 1, 2021).

Students will submit a first draft manuscript of 40,000-60,000 words by May 1, 2021. Thereafter, the WDB team will review the final submissions. (Students will be notified if they are on the final list of three by June 1). 

The publication goal date for the three successful books is September 1, 2021.