“Busy hands” during a time of COVID-19 self isolation

A Kamsack woman who has been a “happy crafter” for most of her life, has found that immersing herself in her handiwork has become more significant and relaxing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sharie Arbeau, floor manager at Matt’s Furniture in Kamsack, has been working throughout the novel coronavirus which has impacted countries around the globe, and has found that her work life has been as busy, or busier than usual.

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Arbeau has found that ramping up her crafting activities in her spare time has been beneficial in helping keep her focused during this stressful, confusing time.

“I crochet, knit, make quilts and do embroidery,” she said. “Crochet is my favorite activity, but I enjoy doing them all.

“My handiwork is my relaxation in the evening. I will knit a pair of slippers which may take a couple of evenings, and I’m able to crochet 10 dishcloths in one evening. They are made of 100 per cent cotton yarn.”

Arbeau has a display of her handmade items in Matt’s Furniture store, but also has a Facebook page with photos of what she has made, and leaves some items for sale at the Bucks Dollar Store and at Marilyn’s Sewing Basket, both on Main Street.

“The dishcloths move fairly quickly,” she said. “I also make button-down crocheted tops for tea towels so they will hang over the handle of a stove.

“I make ponytail and bun toques, baby buntings and afghans, but will make items to someone’s specification upon request.”

Arbeau, a Kamsack resident for the past 17 years, credits her passion for her handiwork as having been instrumental in helping her cope with the COVID-19 crisis. She can be found at Sharie’s Serenity Creations on Facebook.