Sturgis skaters showcased during carnival

The 68th annual Sturgis Ice Carnival featured the Sturgis Figure Skating Club and its achievements throughout the year. The carnival hosted the theme, Journey on Blades at the Sturgis Skating Arena on March 7.

Heather Tunbridge-Jaeb was head coach, with the responsibility of coaching all CanSkate skaters throughout the year. Shelley Glazer-Clements and Brooklyn Alberts were the Star Skate coaches. Lisa Serdachny was the mistress of ceremonies for the evening. Meghan Hurlburt was responsible for the music and Andrew Wasylenchuk was responsible for editing and creating the music.

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Daralyn Jansen, president of the Sturgis Figure Skating Club, welcomed everyone and acknowledged all volunteers who helped make the carnival a success.

"The skaters have put in a lot of hard work and practice,” said Jansen. "We are very grateful to our amazing coaches, Heather Tunbridge-Jaeb, Shelley Glazer-Clements and Brooklyn Alberts as well as all the star skaters for all their help." She went on to thank James Johnson, caretaker, the executive and Sturgis Arena Board.

"I am very proud of these 30 skaters who all did amazing. I am so proud of each and everyone of them and their routines that they performed," said Heather Tunbridge-Jaeb, coach.

O Canada and a figure skating prayer kicked off the evening performances.

First on the ice were senior star skaters, who skated toGateway Girl. The performers were: Mollie Jaeb, Savannah Olson, Bailey Peterson, Cheyenne Peterson, Layla Jaeb, Emma Olson, Amrie Seerey, Ripley Prestie, Avery Seversen and Makayla Johnson.

Next on the ice were stage four girls, Maycee Johnson and Lindy Romanchuk who skated to Walking in Memphis.

Bria Binkley, a stage one skater, performed a solo to Under the Sea.

Stage three and four boys who performed to I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) were Austin Jansen, Nate Johnson and Jaxon Neilson.

Stage one and two boys Grady Lario, Stanley Prokulevich and Ryder Beatty performed to King of the Road.

Lakyn Seerey, Jade Beatty and Karlee Boychuk were stage three girls who skated to Kokomo.

Karter Johnson, a stage five boy, performed a solo to Life is a Highway.

Cruz Jaeb and Arianna Neilson, stage two girls, skated to How Far I'll Go.

Stage six girls Savannah Neilson, Chloe Jansen, Avery Masley and Morgan Olson skated to Cruise.

Star skaters Mollie Jaeb, Savannah Olson, Bailey Peterson and Cheyenne Peterson performed to Shut Up and Drive.

Stage four skaters Maycee Johnson, Austin Jansen, Lindy Romanchuk and Jaxon Neilson performed to Born Again in Dixieland.

Stage three skaters Lakyn Seerey, Karlee Boychuk, Nate Johnson and Jade Beatty performed to Sweet Home Alabama.

Stage one skaters, Bria Binkley, Grady Lario and Ryder Beatty skated to Surfin’ USA.

Star skaters two Layla Jaeb, Emma Olson, Amrie Seerey, Ripley Prestie, Avery Seversen and Makayla Johnson performed to Party in the USA.

Stage two skaters Cruz Jaeb, Stanley Prokulevich and Arianna Neilson performed toI've Been Good.

Stage six skaters Morgan Olson, Avery Masley, Savannah Neilson and Chloe Jansen performed to Waking Up in Vegas.

Eva Romanchuk and Karter Johnson skated a duet to Alberta Bound.

At intermission, Makayla Johnson was crowned the carnival queen. Ripley Prestie was the runner-up, Morgan and Emma Olson tied for third place and Nate Johnson placed fourth.

The ice carnival concluded with a grand finale by skaters.