Conservation officer shoots antlers to break apart two deer locked together

SOUTHEY, Sask. — A whitetail deer is alive thanks to the marksmanship of a Saskatchewan conservation officer after its antlers became locked together with another deer's.

The Saskatchewan Association of Conservation Officers says in a Facebook post that officers got a call on Dec. 18 that two whitetail bucks were locked together just south of the town of Southey.

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They say the one of the deer was already dead and had been partially eaten by coyotes, and the other deer that was still alive and was struggling to break free.

The post says the officer was able to get within about 15 metres of the deer, and using her patrol shotgun loaded with a lead slug, was able to shoot the locked antlers and break the deer apart.

The deer, once free, ran off toward a valley to recover from its stressful ordeal.

The association says no one should attempt something similar themselves, no matter how good a shot they may think they are.

They say conservation officers are trained professionals in the use of firearms and have authorities under the Wildlife Act. Anyone else could be held liable for an accidental killing.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Jan. 6, 2020.

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