A business relationship that’s been 25 years in the making

Yorkton Hearing Services have been serving the local community with expert audiological care since 2008. The company has always been committed to treating its customers with the utmost care and respect that they deserve, and that same passion for people will continue as the business moves forward under new ownership.

After starting the business in 2008, Marina Walls has decided to step aside due to health issues. But this is no faceless takeover. Instead, the story of Yorkton Hearing Services’ new ownership is one of friendship and a shared passion for serving the local community that has been years in the making.

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“I’ve known Marina for more than 25 years,” says Yorkton Hearing Services’ new owner Jacquie Mvula. “I know how passionate she is about serving the local community and am looking forward to continuing her work with the same care, compassion, and attention to detail that she brought to customers every day.”

Supporting Yorkton Hearing Services’ patients will be Coralee Schoenrock, a senior audiologist with a wealth of experience serving Yorkton and the surrounding area as part of the Saskatchewan Hearing Aid Plan, which was recently shuttered due to provincial budget cuts.

“Coralee is a phenomenal audiologist and has been a fantastic professional through her work with the Saskatchewan Hearing Aid Plan,” says Mvula. “Not only is she perfectly placed to serve patients that were part of the now defunct plan, but will also continue to provide the same care that has become Yorkton Hearing Services’ calling card over the past decade.”

Yorkton Hearing Services provide diagnostic hearing testing by registered audiologists. With the latest digital technology at their disposal, they are on hand to evaluate patients of all ages providing them with the help they need to get their hearing back to normal and their lives back on track.

In addition to testing, Yorkton Hearing Services also offer the very latest technology in listening devices. Designed with freedom and flexibility in mind, they have a range of modern solutions to help make your daily routine easier. They even offer a 60-day trial period in order to make sure you get the right solutions you need to suit your lifestyle.

To find out more about Yorkton Hearing Services or to book your evaluation, call 306-782-1793 or stop by the store at #18 First Avenue N.Yorkton. You can also find out more information online at www.yorktonhearing.com.

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