This local business is here to help get you a good night’s sleep

Sleep apnea, a condition that is characterized by frequent breaks or pauses in breathing during sleep, is one of the most common sleep disorders in Canada.

It may sound scary, but research suggests that up to 25% of the population may suffer from it in some form.

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Fortunately, there’s help on hand in the form of SCS CPAP Services, a locally owned and operated sleep clinic with more than 28 years of Respiratory Health experience.

One of few companies in Saskatchewan providing service dedicated to Sleep Apnea,SCS CPAP Services offers free consultations and in-home sleep apnea testing. They also provide a range of treatment options including a variety of CPAP masks, humidifiers and other accessories that are designed to help sufferers cope with sleep apnea.

Thanks to growing demand from their customers, the company recently opened a new Yorkton office, a move that’s been something of a homecoming for owner Randy Spilchen.

“Despite being born and raised in Alberta I spent almost every summer here when I was growing up, so Yorkton is like a second home to me,” Spilchen says. “That’s why I’m excited to bring my respiratory health and sleep apnea experience to the area. For too long local sufferers have been under serviced and so I wanted to give them the treatment and attention that they deserved right here on their doorstep.”

While the opportunity to expand into Yorkton is a proud moment for Randy, it’s not how he chooses to measure his company’s success. Instead, it’s just another opportunity to help the customers who are the driving force behind his business.

“Our customer care is what separates us from our competition,” he says. “We have grown because we try to provide the best care and advice to all our patients and pride ourselves on the patient referrals that have got us to where we are today.”

However, that commitment to customer care is more than just lip service. Alongside their free testing and consultations, the company also offers 30-day mask exchange and 90-day manufacturer’s warranty on every product they sell, so that you can sleep easy knowing you’re in safe hands every step of the way.

For more information, visit their clinic at #9 – Fifth Ave. North, their website, or call 306-783-0034 to book your free appointment. 

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